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Anticipation Grows for Rev. Graetz's White Preacher's Message

If you’re waiting eagerly for NewSouth’s release of Reverend Robert Graetz’s civil rights memoir A White Preacher’s Message on Race and Reconciliation, don’t forget that Rev. Graetz also writes a regular guest column in the Montgomery Advertiser. To tide you over until White Preacher’s Message is released, follow this link to Rev. Graetz’s most recent article, which talks about the recent visit of history and law students to Montgomery (including their visit to the NewSouth Bookstore).

A White Preacher’s Message details Rev. Graetz’s life as the young white pastor of a black Lutheran Church in Montgomery, where he and his wife were among the few whites who supported the Montgomery Bus Boycott. Though his church and home were bombed and his life was threatened, Rev. Graetz never wavered, and his memoir discusses both the boycott, white privilege, black forgiveness, and the present-day challenges for human and civil rights, including gay rights.

A White Preacher’s Message on Race and Reconciliation is currently available for pre-order directly from NewSouth Books, or from or your favorite local or online bookseller.