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NewSouth, Inc., is an Alabama-based business with expertise in publishing, design, writing, editing, packaging, print consulting, marketing, distribution, and other aspects of book, magazine, newspaper, and newsletter production. Our principals have a combined eight decades of experience as writers, editors, designers, and publishers. We primarily work in print, but we have produced and advised on radio, television, and film documentaries as well as on podcasts and websites. If you have an idea and need help figuring out how to shape it, we can discuss how to turn the notion into a project. If you have a project and want it produced, we can help turn it into a product or guide you to others who can. Principals Suzanne La Rosa and Randall Williams, cofounders of NewSouth Books, acquired in 2022 by the University of Georgia Press, also operate The NewSouth Bookstore, a general interest independent bookstore located in downtown Montgomery, Alabama, where they have their office.