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NewSouth Releases Newest Hans Koning Reprint, The Kleber Flight

NewSouth Books is pleased to annouce the release of the newest book in our Hans Koning reprint series, The Kleber Flight. Koning is the prolific and critically acclaimed of Zeeland, or Elective Concurrences (NewSouth), who has also worked as a staff reporter for both the New Yorker and Atlantic Monthly. He has published thirteen novels—several of which have been made into movies—ten non-fiction books, three plays, two translations, and a children’s book.

In celebration of Zeeland, NewSouth began the Hans Koning reprint series, bringing all of Koning’s noted works back into print. The first two titles, The Affair, and An American Romance, were published in the spring and fall of 2002. Next came A Walk with Love and Death (made into a motion picture by John Huston in the year 1970), followed by I Know What I’m Doing in the spring of 2005. Now, Koning’s classic story of love in the nuclear age, The Kleber Flight, joins these vaunted titles.

In The Kleber Flight, when the mysterious Jean More dies in the small plane she learned to fly just two weeks earlier, she leaves her paramour David Lum with seemingly unanswerable questions: How had she come by the scars on her body? Why was she wanted by the FBI? What was the hidden purpose of her final flight? The puzzle of Jean’s past leads David overseas to Paris, where he finds Jean’s long-lost daughter and discovers the horror that connects Jean to a nuclear power plant. David’s own life ultimately becomes forfeit as he finds himself adopting Jean’s secret mission as his own.

The Kleber Flight, and all the titles in the NewSouth reprint series, are available directly from NewSouth Books by calling toll-free (866) 639-7688. They can also be ordered from, or your favorite local or online book retailer.

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