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Hans Koning Reprint Series Helps Explore NewSouth's Larger Mission

As excitement grows about the release of the newest title in the Hans Koning reprint series, The Kleber Flight, I’m reminded of the Publisher’s Weekly article that ran on Hans and NewSouth back in 2001, which nicely summed up the mission of the then-new NewSouth. From the article:

Hailed by PW as Koning’s breakout book (Forecasts, Sept. 21), [Zeeland, or Elective Concurrences] chronicles the parallel war experiences of a 19th-century French grandfather and his 20th-century grandson. NewSouth will simultaneously release a trade paperback reprint of Koning’s first novel, The Affair, originally published by Knopf in 1958, when the Amsterdam-born writer’s name was still Koningsberger. The reprint, [Publisher Suzanne La Rosa] noted, inaugurates a series that will revive all of his previous novels over a six-year period.

Why would a small southern press seeking to define itself undertake such a commitment to a long-established Northeasterner? La Rosa explained, “Though NewSouth is based in the South and is committed to our region, our greatest commitment is to good literature. Koning gives us geographic reach, and makes it clear that the South is not so separate from the world that the issues Koning addresses so eloquently are not worth examining.”

The Kleber Flight is sixth in the Hans Koning reprint series, with more to come. Read more about the Hans Koning reprint series here, or at the author’s website,

The Kleber Flight, and all the titles in the NewSouth reprint series, are available directly from NewSouth Books by calling toll-free (866) 639-7688. They can also be ordered from, or your favorite local or online book retailer.