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Atlanta Journal-Constitution Reviews Tubby Meets Katrina

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reviewed Tubby Meets Katrina in their October 8 books section, calling it a “masterful job.” Reviewer Rheta Grimsley Johnson notes, “Verdict: It’s nice to have the pudgy good guy [Tubby Dubonnet] on the case.”

From the review: “[Author Tony Dunbar takes us to the Convention Center, to New Orleans’ interstate ramps and rooftops, and into the minds of those who stayed behind, or quickly returned to inventory their worldly goods. Tubby actually enjoys the survivalist surge he feels immediately after the storm. Slowly, quite movingly, realization and anger set in for the middle-aged hero. … There’s a bad guy, of course ���- an escaped psychopath ���- and a rescue or two. The best things about the book, though, are the details Dunbar gleaned from actually living through Katrina: the way the stars looked at night in a New Orleans with no electricity, for instance. And the odd concoctions stranded people ate to stay alive …”

Read the full review at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Tubby Meets Katrina is available directly from NewSouth Books, Amazon, or your local or online book retailer.