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Audio Interview with Oracle of the Ages Author Dot Moore Available Online

A radio interview with Oracle of the Ages author Dot Moore is now available from Georgia Public Radio’s Cover to Cover book review program.

In March 2003, Dot Moore gave a fascinating interview with host St. John Flinn concerning her book Oracle of the Ages, a work of creative non-fiction about the legendary fortune teller Mayhayley Lancaster. During the show, many listeners called in to tell their stories of encounters with Lancaster and ask Moore questions about how she was able to research the enigmatic character when it seemed that her life was kept ultimately undocumented.

Moore recalled her experience searching through the archives in Heard County and piecing information together with the accounts of locals who personally knew the self-proclaimed “Oracle of the Ages.”

One caller commented, “Once you start reading it, you won’t put it down!”

Listen to the full broadcast or download a podcast of the interview at Cover to Cover.

Oracle of the Ages has just been re-released in paperback and is available now from NewSouth Books,, or your favorite online or local book retailers.