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John Pritchard Talks Literary Bad Boys with TurnRow Books

Maybe not just because the folks at TurnRow Books in Greenwood are smart and discerning where literary fiction is concerned, but possibly also because they’re unafraid (after all, they did open a bookstore in Greenwood, MS, of all places at a time when a good many book retailers wanted out), John Pritchard had a successful first event there for The Yazoo Blues a few weeks ago and was never asked to bow to the politically correct. He delighted the audience with a reading from his new book that let its virtuosic prose all hang out.

Pritchard also received blog attention on the TurnRow website that in NewSouth’s opinion is first-rate. The Q&A with our author offers a wealth of insights into the creation of Junior Ray Loveblood — the eponymous but dubious hero of Pritchard’s first novel who continues to make jaws drop in the second. TurnRow followed the posting with yet another about favorite literary bad boys. We’re thrilled John Pritchard made the list.