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Fire Ants, Others Praised on LibraryThing Website

Fire Ants has recently been reviewed on LibraryThing. Fire Ants, a collection of short stories by Gerald Duff, won a rave review for Duff’s ability to “capture the southern voice honestly.”

LibraryThing member Banoo writes that Duff’s “words cover you like a worn quilt on a cool, humid southern night. Slipping into this book is effortless and more than a little welcoming.” He goes on to praise the depiction of the characters: “His people are real. Some are slightly damaged, broken by hard use over long years, or hungry for something lacking in their environment, or just plain damaged. I couldn’t help but think of Faulkner.”

Other NewSouth titles also cited on LibraryThing include Shlemiel Crooks (LibraryThing), Oracle of the Ages by Dot Moore with Katie Lamar Smith (LibraryThing), and Chicken Man by Michelle Edwards (LibraryThing).

LibraryThing is a community of over 700,000 book lovers where intellectual discussion of and a passion for books is encouraged. Allowing for readers worldwide to discuss their favorite works of literature, Steve Cohen of Public Libraries magazine has proclaimed it “the future of online catalogs.”