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Southern Political Report Endorses The South’s New Racial Politics for Course Adoption

Glen Browder’s new book The South’s New Racial Politics received thoughtful praise in a highly positive review from the Southern Political Report. John Tures, Associate Professor of Political Science at LaGrange College, says he will be recommending the book to fellow professors and political science majors in his American Government class, and even students in his interdisciplinary American Experience course, “showing how Browder’s book is written for a wide audience.”

From the review:

In addition to the insightful observations about the region, the text provides an important launching point for what should be a national dialogue on the subject of race. As Browder points out, the South has begun to confront its past and present. Too often, I have seen evidence of one of his conclusions: such problems of race are hardly confined to this region. Other examples of racism, “the race game” and even a quiet new racial system of accommodation occur across the country, but tend to be swept under the rug by those who see, or want to see, this as a problem exclusively bedeviling the South. Rather than remain the national whipping post on the subject of intolerance, perhaps the South and its recent examples could serve as the basis for that dialogue, and teach, rather than be taught.

Read the full review at the Southern Political Report website.

Professor Browder continues his successful book tour, speaking at libraries, bookstores, civic organizations, and universities in Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia, and D.C. For more information about his appearances, contact Lisa Harrison at NewSouth Bookss, 334-834-3556.

The South’s New Racial Politics is available directly from NewSouth Books,, or your favorite local or online book retailer.