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Chicken Man Gets Positive Notice from News & Record

A nice review for a very nice book. That’s how we characterize the write-up of Michelle Edwards’ classic of Jewish children’s literature, Chicken Man, which appeared in “Page Turners,” a blog of the Greensboro, North Carolina News & Record.

From the review:

This story is filled with Jewish history references, but not so many that a non-Jewish reader can’t enjoy it. The artwork, which includes a labeled map of the village and illustrations of each job Rody takes on, adds humor to the tale. 

Chicken Man is the story of Rody, a hard worker on an Israeli kibbutz who demonstrates that it’s not what you do but the love you put into the doing that makes a difference. The book, by Michelle Edwards, is a National Jewish Book Award winner. It was reissued by NewSouth Books in hardcover and paperback. NewSouth’s new edition of Chicken Man includes an updated afterword by the author, discussing how kibbutz life has changed in Israel since Chicken Man was first published. There you can get “all the information you need to enjoy the book without having to Google ‘Jewish culture,'” says reviewer Kim Stack Mills.

Chicken Man is available directly from NewSouth Books, or your favorite local or online retailer.