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Glen Browder Receives National Attention for Stealth Reconstruction

NewSouth author and former politician Glen Browder is receiving national attention for his new book Stealth Reconstruction: The Untold Story of Racial Politics in Recent Southern History, in which he and co-author Artemesia Stanberry discuss the fascinating history of the unheroic, quiet, practical, biracial work of some white politicians and black leaders.

Browder recently discussed Stealth Reconstruction on C-Span’s national call-in program Washington Journal, and also spoke on a panel along with scholar Artemesia Stanberry and former members of Congress Butler Derrick and Eva Clayton at a special event at the National Archives in Washington, D.C. which was also filmed by C-Span’s Book-TV.

Richard Cohen of National Journal recently reviewed Stealth Reconstruction. “Browder’s book raises many interesting questions,” Cohen said. “And it seems all the more timely as another group of moderate southern Democrats faces serious political challenges this year.”

Roll Call, one of Washington D.C.’s primary news sources covering Capitol Hill, also recently reviewed Stealth Reconstruction, saying “Stealth Reconstruction does more than just fill in the gaps, though. The authors’ authoritative research and Browder’s first-person account of his political career, which serves as a case study, represent a noteworthy contribution to civil rights scholarship.”

Dr. Glen Browder is Professor Emeritus of American Democracy at Jacksonville State University in Alabama; he served as U.S. Congressman, Alabama’s Secretary of State, and Alabama State Legislator. He is also the author of NewSouth published The South’s New Racial Politics: Inside the Race Game of Southern History, an original thesis on how blacks and whites in today’s South engage in a politics that is qualitatively different from the past.

Stealth Reconstruction is available directly from NewSouth Books,, or your favorite local or online retailer.