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Alan Gerson presents League of Notions series at LeMieux Gallery in New Orleans

Alan Gerson, author/illustrator of Habeas Circus: Illegal Humor and writer of the poetry volume Things We Cannot Know, is presenting a new expedition of his works painted in collaboration with Jessie Poimboef at the LeMieux Gallery in New Orleans. The series, “The League of Notions,” opened August 7, 2010 and will be on view for the public until September 25.

Gerson Gerson’s paintings have been described as “dreamlike in that he creates a world that is convincing and appears real but is at the same time highly personal and imagined.” He has collaborated with Poimboeuf on several paintings over the last ten years. Their joint efforts show how two rather different artists can come together and create a single painting at the same time.

Gerson describes the process as time consuming and says that “it takes us hours upon days to complete one work of art.” He calls their collaboration a “jazz effort” and says, “We work together simultaneously. Sometimes one goes up and the other goes down.” Both Gerson and Poimboeuf name their finished piece; therefore, each piece of art presented in the gallery is known by two names.

Watch a sneak peek of the “League of Notions” gallery show on YouTube:

For additional information about the event, contact the LeMieux Gallery at 504-522-5988 or visit them online at

Gerson’s Habeas Circus: Illegal Humor uses his unique, eye-tickling artwork to look at the American justice system with tongue planted firmly in cheek. It’s available from NewSouth Books,, or your favorite online or local bookseller.