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Publishers Weekly hosts Anna Olswanger on hope and Holocaust literature


Publishers Weekly’s “Soapbox” column featured an essay in late September by Anna Olswanger, author of Greenhorn and the award-winning Shlemiel Crooks, both published by NewSouth’s Junebug Books. In “A Story of Hope,” Olswanger talks about how she was compelled to turn a true story of tragedy into Greenhorn, a book about hope; she also discusses her surprise at a publisher willing to release a children’s book about the Holocaust when so many others would turn it down.

“I wrote the story about the little boy who survived the Holocaust as a book for young readers,” Olswanger writes. “And as I began to write the story of Greenhorn, I also began to discover what I was writing about. Because when I really listened to this story, I heard in it something deeper than suffering, something deeper than loss.”

Read Anna Olswanger’s full essay at Publishers Weekly.

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