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Tablet magazine names Matzo Frogs a best Jewish children’s book of 2014

Matzo Frogs by Sally Rosenthal, with illustrations by David Shelton

Mazel tov to Matzo Frogs by Sally Rosenthal with illustrations by David Sheldon. It made the “best Jewish children’s books of 2014” list published by Tablet Magazine.

Marjorie Ingall’s round-up is a joy to read. She calls Matzo Frogs a “livelier, goofier, amphibian tour-de-force,” adding, “The book teaches kids the expression mitzvah goreret mitzvah — one good deed leads to another. The nutty frogs are bold and vibrant, outlined in black ink, against blurry backgrounds, so they really jump.”

Rosenthal’s picture book is in good company with another by Eric Kimmel, Simon and the Bear, a “shaggy-bear tale of a Russian immigrant who winds up stranded on an iceberg on Hanukkah with a polar bear.” Kimmel gave Matzo Frogs early praise. In his blurb for the book, he says, poetically, “I love this story. I laughed so hard. How do I get the frogs to come to my house?”

The frogs and the book are at NewSouth’s house. Read more about Matzo Frogs on the official NewSouth Books page, or find a copy at your favorite bookstore.