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Ken Woodley, author of The Road to Healing, provides spiritual guidance in difficult times with April meditations for Forward Day by Day

Ken Woodley is strong of character and driven by heart. These qualities emerge in high relief in The Road to Healing, his history of Massive Resistance in Prince Edward County following Brown v. Board that also describes his years-long effort to secure reparations for those affected. For those of us who know Woodley (who is also a lay minister), it’s no surprise that he’s been invited as a guest contributor for the entire month of April on Forward Day by Day, which provides daily religious meditations in print and online in English, Spanish, braille, and via audio. Certainly we can use his wisdom now. Find his April meditations at Please also enjoy this short video of Woodley reading from The Road to Healing, which he provided among alongside many of our authors as part of a project for readers in quarantine.