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Remembering Robert Byrd

The passing this week of Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia makes one miss the days when Southern politicians were complicated rather than merely crass. Yes, Byrd clung to office longer than he should have. Yes, he was a master of pork barrel spending. Yes, he lined up with the states’ rights and nullification Dixiecrats in the 1960s. But — like his fellow former Klansman Hugo Black of Alabama — he overcame his racist upbringing and became a supporter of civil rights, a defender of the promises of a living Constitution, and a champion of the poor and middle classes …

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Meet NewSouth Authors at Southern Festival

If you’ll be attending the Southern Festival of Books this weekend in Memphis, Tennessee, don’t miss our wonderful NewSouth authors, including Tony Dunbar (Tubby Meets Katrina), John Egerton (premiering Ali Dubyiah and the Forty Thieves), C. S. Fuqua (Music Fell on Alabama), Frye Gaillard (Watermelon Wine), Jennifer Horne (Working the Dirt), John Pritchard (Junior Ray), Carroll Dale Short (Turbo’s Very Life), and Sue Walker (In the Realm of Rivers) …

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John Egerton at AJC Decatur Book Festival This Weekend

John Egerton, contributor to NewSouth’s Where We Stand and author of the forthcoming Ali Dubyiah and the Forty Thieves, will appear at the Atlanta Journal Constitution Decatur Book Festival this weekend, September 2 and 3. Egerton will speak on the panel “Tricksters of the New South” with Roy Blount, Jr. and George Singleton, as well as “Writing Around the Edges of Southern Foodways” with John T. Edge and Marcie Cohen Ferris …

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