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Deadline movie premieres to sold-out crowd in Nashville

Deadline, the new movie based on Mark Ethridge’s novel Grievances (NewSouth, 2005), premiered yesterday in Nashville to a crowd of over 1,000. The premiere kicks off a 42-city tour for director Curt Hahn and some of the cast, before the movie opens across the country on April 13. Deadline received a glowing review from Art Now Nashville, coinciding with the premiere. “The picture ably notes Southern faults and uniqueness while also acknowledging our strengths and shared humanity,” wrote Evans Donnell …

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Deadline world premiere launches movie tour

Next Wednesday marks the world premiere of Deadline, the new movie based on veteran journalist Mark Ethridge’s 2005 novel Grievances; Ethridge also wrote the screenplay for the movie. Deadline stars Eric Roberts and Steve Talley as reporters investigating a decades-old civil right murder. The release of Deadline comes in conjunction with the publication of Ethridge’s new book, Fallout

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