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Author John Pritchard and his character Junior Ray talk ebooks

With the news that John Pritchard’s novels Junior Ray and The Yazoo Blues were now available as ebooks, Pritchard hurried to tell his eponymous character, Junior Ray Loveblood. The results were as unpredictable as Junior Ray himself … “On Kindle?” Junior Ray asked. “Correct,” I said. “Da-um!” he said. “They gon’ set em on fire?!!” Before I could respond, he took off like Miss Ruth McGrew, back in 1952, when she found a three-foot water moccasin coiled up in her mother’s yellow Buttercup-Spode serving platter in the kitchen cabinet above the sink: “I knew it!” he shouted. “Bygod I knew it! I knew sure as shootn that sooner or later them Baptists — and all the rest of them Bible-Bangers was gon’ get around to burnin up my books!” …

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John Pritchard Talks Literary Bad Boys with TurnRow Books

Maybe not just because the folks at TurnRow Books in Greenwood are smart and discerning where literary fiction is concerned, but possibly also because they’re unafraid (after all, they did open a bookstore in Greenwood, MS, of all places at a time when a good many book retailers wanted out), John Pritchard had a successful first event there for The Yazoo Blues a few weeks ago and was never asked to bow to the politically correct. He delighted the audience with a reading from his new book that let its virtuosic prose all hang out …

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Fall NewSouth Books Receive Publishers Weekly, Library Journal Starred Reviews

Starred reviews in Publishers Weekly and Library Journal for upcoming Fall 2008 titles do NewSouth Books proud. Publishers Weekly (August 18, 2008) featured The Yazoo Blues, a sequel to John Pritchard’s Junior Ray, one of Barnes & Noble’s Top Ten Sensational Debut Novels of 2005. Library Journal (August 15, 2008) featured The Wrong Side of Murder Creek by Bob Zellner with Constance Curry, a compelling memoir about Zellner’s role in the civil rights movement …

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