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Deadline, based on Mark Ethridge’s Grievances, begins filming

We want to be first in line next year when the movie Deadline, based on Mark Ethridge’s novel Grievances, arrives in theaters. The movie stars Steve Talley (Brothers & Sisters) and Academy Award nominee Eric Roberts (Runaway Train, Heroes, Entourage) as newspaper reporters working to solve a twenty year-old civil rights murder in South Carolina; the story is based on actual events from Ethridge’s work as a newspaper reporter …

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Mark Ethridge Delivers Virginia Commonwealth University Turpin Lecture

NewSouth author Mark Ethridge recently visited Virginia Commonwealth University as a guest lecturer during the school’s annual Mass Communications Week. Ethridge delivered the Turpin Lecture on Wednesday, October 9, where he talked about journalism and about his novel, Grievances. Students and faculty heard Mark describe how he wanted to create a novel that provided a behind-the-scenes look at the newspaper industry. Mark also talked about the state of print journalism and how he incorporated those ideas into his novel …

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Grievances Author Mark Ethridge Follows in Grandmother's Writing Footsteps

More notes from the road from our author Mark Ethridge: “A week from tonight, I’m the featured speaker at the annual meeting of the Queens University Friends of the Library in Charlotte – another of the many speeches I’ve made to literary groups and at universities since NewSouth Books published Grievances almost a year ago. This one stands to be a little different. On May 8, 1974 – thirty three years prior, almost to the day – my grandmother, Willie Snow Ethridge, addressed the same group …”

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Grievances Author Shares Story from the Road

Author Mark Ethridge offers some notes from the road while he’s been touring with his new book, Grievances: “For several months I’ve been on a tour for my novel, Grievances, which came out in May. I was excited getting into it but I figured that by now–roughly appearance number 40 of 60 or so–it would become tiresome, repetitive. I couldn’t have been more wrong …”

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Charlotte Observer Spotlights Grievances at Novello Festival

The Charlotte Observer featured Grievances author Mark Ethridge’s October 25 appearance at the Novello Festival of Reading in a Local Page article. As the Observer notes, Ethridge explained to the audience at the festival that Grievances is based on a true story of racial injustice from the 1970s. The article notes that, though the novel is a work of fiction, it is “full of details [Ethridge] absorbed as a third-generation reporter.” …

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